Day of the Dead.. and yet to be Born!

Alycia Seacompression 2013
Tomorrow Alycia, Beverly, and I (Asraiya) are doing a fire dancing gig at a baby shower in West Seattle at 7pm. I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing private party gigs!! Intimate performances are just each so special. You can really feel the energy and anticipation at them as soon as we arrive. The audience is always moved somehow and because of that they move me tremendously! I'm sensitive, I guess.. But these kind of opportunities serve as beautiful reminders of why I starting doing this in the first place and why I'm still doing it.

Beverly center w/ Rags Nocturna Seacompression 2014

Goody Goody & Asraiya Bunny

Sugar skull make-up
Then Tatianna, Goody Goody, and I are performing at Q Nightclub for Kingdom's Dia del los Muertos event!! We have the greatest air brush make-up artist doing traditional cool sugar skull faces on us.. Pictures to be posted, I promise!

Q event banner Kingdom 11/1/2014

Happy All Hallow's Eve from Heartsinspyre & the Seattle Fire Gate family!!

Halloween Spinurn photo by Scott Butner

 Blessed Be.


Classic Circus Sideshow Performer

New promotional graphic done in the classic freakshow/circus sideshow banner style for Heartsinspyre performer and managing director, Asraiya On Fire, advertising her skills as a fire dancer, stilt walker, and mime!


Nothing short of a flaming revolutionary showdown: Seacompression is Saturday Oct. 4, 2014

Once again HEARTSINSPYRE ENTERTAINMENT has teamed with the SEATTLE FIRE GATE COMMUNITY to present an action packed all original half hour theatrical Fire Performance set inspired by the French Revolution happening 8:00-8:30pm ~ SeaCompression 2014 @ Kings Hall Seattle

Go to www.seacompression.org for event information 

Seattle Fire Gate

proud sponsors

You Are Welcome to TAKE PICS and video just email us copies! Please & Thank you


Performers Callboard is NOW Seattle Casting Calls

We here at Heartsinspyre Entertainment believe that information should be free! While we respect the rights of Juan to ask for donations for his time, however having been the director of a low budget production before we know how desperate one can be in seeking artists to fill our casting needs. We don't feel that information should come with a fee between the people who seek it and the people it belongs to and to demand starving artists' pay out of pockets only further alienates the elitism between the non-union, non-fiscal, non-profit, non-grant winning, waiting for the final opportunity to bloom or gain experience and learn community at large. This is just another example of greed causing gentrification. So in the true spirit of capitalism a new list has been made to be owned and operated by the community and will remain FREE FOREVER as no one person will have total control keeping it unbiased and neutral and only moderated for spam. Join us now by sending an email to SeattleCastingCalls-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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