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Psycho Speed Dating needs a tagline!?

psycho speed dating, a radical new idea.
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Lol. I'm trying to basically say that it's a singles event for horror/gore fans but also poke fun at all the online dating app nightmare stories (dick pics or other inappropriate content that would never be spoken or presented directly in person) plus of course play on the fear that the person could be a psychopath and/or serial killer which is why we are advised to meet somewhere "safe" meaning in a public place where it is assumed other people will supervise and intervene if our date behaves badly. I also read somewhere that the typical male speed dating event participant tends to demonstrate a lot of narcissistic tendency though I don't know if that's a fair thing to say given 6 min is only enough time to determine if there's an attraction factor, and not sufficiently judge one's temperament and character. You either annoyingly ask a lot of questions or you nervously babble on about yourself... Neither is ideal. Also, these slogan generators are entirely missing the mark but at the same time are too good not to share! This too is part of the point of the event: even if you don't get matched you will get a great 6 min story to tell somebody. ;)

On Wednesday March 8th, Heartsinspyre Entertainment presents another twisted variety of Seattle singles event ~ Psycho Speed Dating!!

killer finishes first.  
when the going gets tough, the tough go psycho speed dating. 
tastes great, less killer.  
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Ah! I got it!! No help from the generators but at the same time the practice did suit its purpose... 

Dating can be killer.

Sign up to meet other single horror/gore fans and see if you're not just plain crazy for one of them NOW!! Space is limited and tickets will only be sold in advanced. 21+  
Highline is located at 210 Broadway Ave E. Seattle, WA 98102

Tix http://www.strangertickets.com/events/41524091/psycho-speed-dating

Fb event page ~ https://www.facebook.com/events/761316434044927/

Light your heart on fire!


Sideshow Speed Dating ~ Seattle Singles Event

What if we did some Speed Dating events with a twist?

Singles events are awkward and boring.. well, until Asraiya On Fire decided she can blow that notion right out of the water! "What if we did some Speed Dating events with a twist?" she said to her crew. Yes! Coming up the week before Valentine's Day, on Feb. 8th, 2017 from 7pm to 9pm at Highline, we bring you a mash up of circus Sideshow performances with the classic speed dating format to give you SIDESHOW SPEED DATING!! We'll have registration from 7-7:30pm then start the dates, go 2-3 rounds and then take a break for drinks/bathrooms and a sideshow performance, then back to dates and repeat making the event less awkward & more weird, plus more casual and social. Also unlike other local speed dating events who charge $30-40 for single participant registration, ours is only $15 for your blue collar/starving artist types. Pre-registration is required at this time but RSVP on the Fb event page to stay updated on performers & other special announcements as we may offer a last minute steal if our male/female ratio isn't perfectly matched up. 



Coming up in March ~ Psycho Speed Dating!! Plus the 3rd annual Seattle FLOW Showcase is June 8th, 2017 @ Substation.



Chanukah Celebration Fire Show 2016

Heartsinspyre Entertainment was invited to perform a Fire Show once again for
Chabad of Snohomish County's
Public Menorah Lighting Ceremony & Community Chanukah Celebration 

@ Lynnwood City Hall
December 26, 2016 5pm

Chanukah propagates the universal message that ultimately good prevails over evil, freedom over oppression and light over darkness. 

Heartsinspyre is a proud participant of this tradition as we seek to light all hearts on fire!! 💖🔥