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Thursday Night World Extreme Pencil Fighting @ Rebar


Budget considerations for hiring a fire performer

When you want to hire a fire dancer last minute to do a show on a holiday or for a more exciting birthday party you're not paying for just 15 min* of their time spent in performance, you are paying for HOURS TURNED INTO YEARS OF PRACTICE, PASSION, AND DEDICATION! 

photo by Scott Butner

Not to mention the danger/risk factor, life insurance, health insurance, props, safety equipment, fuel, costumes, travel time of x2 people (mandatory min), plus rehearsal time/space rent, home/office space rent, internet, phone bill, business license, permits, advertising, website, social media time/maintenance, promotional expenses (video/photography), music purchases, legal expenses, ETC. 

copyright CE 2015 

*please adjust your "budget" accordingly and expect to be quoted a price based on current market rates adjusted to the current cost of living & operating a small business that is providing a professional service same as any other trade like a plumber or electrician, not a 14 yo babysitter.




Helping the Hurricane Cafe go down in History

Asraiya volunteered to help out the Hurricane Cafe on it's bittersweet closing day as another historical landmark in Seattle falls prey to the invading army of Amazon employees... So Heartsinspyre Entertainment is handling the organizing end a live Auction event happening on Jan. 8th, 2015 at 7:30pm @ 2230 7th Avenue. Details of the catalog will be posted next week. Come out and get yourself a piece to contain your memories. That's what it means to give back to your community and we're proud to be volunteering and making sure the owner, Neil, walks away with enough fund to vacation in Maui a year or get outta here for a week at least which I imagine he most certainly will indeed.. or just sleep. Here's one of my got carried away with creativity graphics then remembered it's not my brand to make fancy but I can use it on my blog cuz I think it's pretty ~

art psychedelic banner graphic

Event page ~ facebook.com/events/782010185204935/

 ~ Asraiya