Heartsinspyre Entertainment

Seattle fire dancing circus art professionals available for festivals and events!


We are off to see the wizard: SeaCompression XVI

SeaCompression 2017 is Saturday October 14th 4pm-12

Heartsinspyre friends & family clan will be burning down that yellow brick road once more with feeling!! 🌈💙🔥

Heartsinspyre @ SeaCompression XIII 2014 by EspressoBuzz: more here on flickr

Performances by ~

Chryseph Honeybear

Asraiya On Fire

Kiyimbah Titania

and Many more TBA soon along with performance set time! Meanwhile pick up your tickets and check out the EVENT PAGE for info, directions, etc.


Event Planners: Plan ahead & Book early! (please and thanks)

Every performer in the business knows the instant eye roll of being asked last minute to do a performance for *exposure. This is due to event planners realizing that the logistics of staging what they have planned is going to be a bit more complicated than what previously imagined. It’s understandable that when you’re thinking initially in big numbers and high volume vendor expenses that these minor moments slip through the cracks seeming trivial, but please be aware of the fact that they will surface and cause you to panic. It is never acceptable to try to book a last minute fill in fixer spot of entertainment without a.) having a budget set aside that you are able to allow for them and clearly communicate this figure instead of penny pinch poker face them and b.) have a grip finally on the staging details and a schedule finely tuned down to at least quarter hour blocks to clearly explain what you are asking them to provide you with. An event planner or booking agent should NEVER contact contracting talent vendors with only an event start time and end!!

Crow scene from the movie Dumbo (obviously copyright of Disney)

Imagine yourself standing on stage with a spotlight on you and a whole audience silently staring at you anxiously awaiting for you to do something now: THINK FAST!? What ran through your head just then? If you thought do I have a mic to say something OR boy, it sure would be nice if someone would play some music so I can wiggle and fidget making funny faces to convey I have no idea what’s happening or why I’m up here; You got an accurate picture. Now the first question you would ask is: How long do I have to do this for? Every single minute is agony so I need to plan ahead for it! This is precisely what performers set their rates of pay for and as you can imagine each individual performer knows their limit of how long they can easily hold attention and be entertaining and when they need a rescue tag and switch from a team member. Just like the caterer needs to know if you want plated dinners delivered to tables in a timely manner which is a huge endeavor to properly prep with staffing figures, or a casual low stress DIY buffet which removes a tremendous amount of stress and staffing expense. If you do not have an answer for which of these two service choices plus how many mouths/seats/tables/tickets/guests you’re expecting, do not ask for an estimated price from them much less expect them to move on to plan the menu with you so you can pick out what you’ll be eating and then ask for a bill. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AND UTTERLY UNPROFESSIONAL.

Perhaps you got a little too wrapped up in the excitement of eating some food because you’re working hard and forgot to eat today? That’s okay.. go eat and call the caterer back after you have and take a nap too while you’re at it too because it’s better to contact them once you realize they need both a volume of food and a timing expectation for staffing purposes FIRST and foremost and absolutely NO EXCEPTION to that request in order to calculate the cost of what they can offer (assuming they can offer it because some businesses are smaller than others). They may not have enough mobile ovens and staff members on payroll so if they’re going to need to call out for temp. staff and rent extra equipment, they really don’t want to talk to you anymore until this matter of a budget is settled, agreed upon, contracted, and a good faith deposit is in their hands.
You do understand that each and every event is different so if the business feels comfortable giving you a rough estimate since calculating exact numbers of a hypothetical event which you have not been hired to work hours or days on yet is a huge pain in the ass. Brides and parents of the bride (despite the fact they doubt the relationship is going to last but they have to humor their children and get an idea of how much money they will need to shell out..) contact vendors ALL THE TIME with dates of service 1-2 years out and not finalized for a venue/date just yet (duh). These requests any performer/entertainment service provider with a few years of experience under their belt has a general flat rate for knowing its a no fuss request because the seeker is calculating a list of “dream wedding wants” and will be slashing items later to get down to “can haz.. maybe”. The performer/manager doesn’t bother mentioning their personal long term goals and the fact that they can’t commit to a date 2 years from now because they might be in the mist of planning their own surprise wedding and moving to their true love’s hometown. There is a HUGE difference between making a perfectly reasonable request and testing the limits of a friendly customer service attempt to be cooperative.

Snow White also property of Disney

We understand and we get it! We too know we might be wrapped up in a general vision of glass slippers and singing birds with bows that have a sparkled trim. However, it’s gonna take some time to find and train some birds so DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME IF YOU’RE NOT SERIOUS. I recently had this experience. They wanted singing birds in purple bows for a 12 hour 2 day event next weekend and could not or would not tell me how many and what specific time the birds need to fly out of their cages and land in the spotlight (theoretical) nor if there will be a musical queue or microphone announcing them. They wanted me to provide pictures of my birds in their purple tuxedo tails confirming I keep them in cages in my apartment here and won’t let them fly off to work for a catering company so they might pay my rent for feeding them. “No problem!” I said as friendly as I could muster because I’m indeed a crazy artist who loves doing Disney rip offs without being licensed under them. I need a deposit now (hello?) to know you’re serious and I can provide you with bird pictures but not in purple bows because I need to buy them. “How much?” they said. “How many and how long and/or how loud do you need them tweeting?” Back to bow details and demand for an invoice again. It broke my brain with the stress of lacking a realistic comprehension! Either you tell me how much $ you have and I’ll see how many birds that will get singing and they just go until they drop dead OR you tell me how many you want and for how long and I’ll be responsible for choreographing a symphony of talent complete with preventing dead birds since I don’t have a catering license to cook and serve them for dinner while they are fresh but I’ll try to figure out something because I believe in making sacrifices so that people will have magical moments to remember. These things are important! But 3 more days passed and I had to take an emergency mental health holiday and ended up not getting paid to perform nor coordinate the planning portion for their event. This bird got broken wings and had their cage collapse from humans kicking and stomping on it :(

  *Please note that exposure would include having our name on the big expensive full page ads and posters plastered all over town already and contacting us after the fact is disappointing to the extent that it’s almost insulting because you’re denying us beneficial publicity as a partnership and instead expecting a miracle for nothing. We need more time than a week and your offer is pathetic at any rate we ask for because it would have cost you nothing to add our name to that massive advertising campaign but without that level of officialality to our booking, you do us the disservice of looking like we paid for tickets and are merely enthusiastic volunteers. Not a single person in the world can afford to volunteer for big corporate events as fun doesn’t fill stomachs or give space to rest... quite the opposite!



THE REAL CIRCUS ~ Cecil B. DeMille 1952

If anyone dares to dream of being a circus artist or talks of marks, kayfabe, and claims to be in the know of "the business" or circles, squares, walls, screens, or ropes, and tops: 


Do your homework, kiddies! Unless you've built Black Rock City, tore it down, moved it 100 miles, and then rebuilt it, you don't know shit about the business. One thing that it's not though is an empire of control and authority. A worker knows when to nudge and get out of the way and let the Magic Flow!! Anything short of not encouraging and enhancing the talent and potential of those surrounding you is PURE EVIL. Also, just plain stupid masochistic to generate or tolerate for $40 or 50 bucks a week... The only understanding I have of "locker room politics" is this:

1.) Be hyper vigilant to always keep your distance from it.

2.) If and when it pulls somebody under, it is precisely like a tumultuous class 5 storm tide grating and grinding you bare backed onto coral or fresh lava rock... shreds you to pieces emotionally and at the hand of your most trusted friends and family. I don't know why and I don't think I want to know either. I'll just keep wincing and keeping my fucking distance, boys. I'm not here to punish myself for being an amazing talented person. I'm here on this planet to be a positive mental attitude and light for what's good and right in the world. Supervillians treat heros better than brothers in that locker room I've been banned from. Real talk. #321battle #bulletclub4life

Ya'll ain't pageant moms nor booster club nor in a fraternity or even trade union. It's a hobby so why does it matter so much that everyone gets hurt or annihilated no kayfabe? Is it a secret reality show like survivor where someone gets a million dollars at the end??? I wouldn't ever go on that show because I'd be doomed to nice person 2nd or 3rd place and hate people more than hope people will someday level up. The next dimension up from 3D is a group effort see because you nor I nor us have control of time (never did actually, it's an illusion) you guys will blow up there because NOTHING WORKS CORRECTLY IF YOU WON'T RELINQUISH CONTROL. Why own all the bagels in the whole entire world plus the right to produce them future and past if everyone has starved to death while you play with bagels like GI Joe dolls??? Congratulations of being the star of a comic book that will never actually exist outside of your head and no one wants to read it because it's mean and hurtful and didn't add up to anything more than sad glory days when all is said and done like a high school football game or debate team win. Does anyone remember who called the play or what the subject of a debate tournament was? I don't need to be granted a handmidown trophy or belt for a min if I perform like a prancing trained poodle for 2 years first then insulted for having a fun time one night and ostracized. No, I don't understand a single fucking thing about how locker room politics works admittedly. I sure as hell was not given a heads up nor a tutorial to prepare for my single whole hearted attempt to peer into the abyss! I hope as long as I live if it's not a cause for war to defend something real and good in the world, I hope I never will understand how it works because from here it looks way more like crackho addiction than any substance I've come across. Is this steroid residue? Don't know, don't care. Somethings die at 23. After 33 years on this earth though you have a responsibility called karma that you can no longer pretend is fake astrology. That fact alone is enough to torment a soul for eternity. Cuddle your friends, wrestle their demons so you won't have too many if you want to survive on island milky way deserted cloud no man's land.

 ~ Sister Abigail