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learn the Fundamentals of Fire Dancing w/Asraiya

"Fundamentals of Fire Dancing" with Asraiya
@ Little Red Studio (in the Theatre) 
400 Dexter Avenue N. Seattle, WA 98109
Mondays 7-8pm starting* Oct. 4 ~ Nov. 22, 2010

Taught by:
Asraiya began her career in the circus arts in 1997 when she ran away and joined the The Ever-Changing Festival of Now, a modern alternative circus group based out of Evergreen State College in Olympia. It was there she found precisely what her theater degree was missing ~ a clown face, torch, stilts, and a method of creating new works of art organically. Later she was one of the founding members of MagmaVOX, toured with the Freedom Tribe, became a secret member of the Moorish Orthodox Fire Shrine, was tragically inspired in the Mystic Family Circus, gained a sense of transformation through PURE Cirkus, and how to monkey around with the Petting Zoo Players. Most recently she spent a year or so with Spinergy Arts, and is now a member of the sci fi punk circus known as Super Geek League, and plays the Demoness in Aeterno Elementum produced by the operatic heavy metal band Ara'Kus.
Class Description:
Fundamentals of Fire Dancing consists of learning both skills for fire play and how to do it safely. Starting with Stretching & Yoga, and moving into Space/Body Awareness, Improvisation, Dance, beginners - intermediate Poi spinning techniques, the basics of Staff and/or Baton twirling, choreographing with static fire tools like Palm Torches, Fingers, or Fans.. This class is an 8 week class ~ 6 weeks of skill building and play, the 7th week technical aspects of fire safety, and the last a graduation initiation ceremony wherein students get to light their new skills On Fire!
SAFETY is of the utmost importance therefore students will be expected to sign an agreement stating they will not set their tools, themselves, or any other person and/or property on fire especially as a public performance without having completed the safety portion of this course as well as NEVER do it alone without at least one trained Safety Technician on hand. Safety Training is an absolute essential experience in order to become effectively aware of how to dance with the element, by approaching it with humility you earn responsibility...
Class Details: 
Practice poi as well as fire tools made by www.Luxotica.com will be available for students to borrow or buy through Asraiya during class time and students are welcome to bring any equipment they would like to try at anytime. Students are highly encouraged to practice skills outside of class to get the most out it as most tricks and movements will require some time and  diligence in order to master them completely.
*Registration required. Please email LRSeducation@hengststudio.com to register for classes. Include your full name and the name of the class that you would like to register for in the body of the email. Must be 18+
Cost: $16 per class, 8 class session
Dates: Mondays ~
 October 4th, 11th, 18th, & 25th
 and November 1st, 8th, 15th, & 22nd
Time: 7pm to 8pm