Heartsinspyre Entertainment

Seattle fire dancing circus art professionals available for festivals and events!


Aeterno Elementum III

new promo video for our 3rd heavy metal opera production:


Starving Artists on Parade

I am so proud to be a part of the line up for this month! It's a brand new monthly event geared towards showcasing a variety of specially selected local talent called 'Starving Artists on Parade' which couldn't be more appropriately named though we'll be enjoying every moment of it no less. The audience as well, I assure you, will be far from starved for entertainment as I have personally known and/or worked with at least 4 of the featured guest performers for this round and I am certain, for a Monday, it's by far the best show in town!!

Strike up the band and join the parade!

Monday Aug. 15th @ Noc Noc  $3 
for the Facebook event page click here


Best fire in town @ the Tiger Lounge

We've got a fantastic line up for this month! 
In addition to myself doing poi, fingers, eating, staff, and/or double staff, Bridget of Spinergy Arts will be joining us again! Then we actually have some weapon wielding men like Byron of the Seattle Knights with double flaming swords (pictured above), Twisted Trystan, the sword swallower, will be busting out his flaming devil sticks, and a whip, plus Noah Conrad w/ poi and double whips! And we have some of my up & coming students like my sweetheart Jeremiah, front man of the band Ara'Kus, who's passed me up on poi.. ballet dancer Sara Ford, photographer Mandy McGee, and the burlesque sensation and cover model to boot Miss Aly Hellcat!