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About Heartsinspyre's Fundamentals of Fire Dancing Classes ~

I've gotten a sudden outpouring of potential new students interested in taking the beginner's course so back by popular demand ~ I will begin to start planning another session but not starting until the Spring, March at the earliest because it does take a good deal of prep work, promoting, and shopping around for studio/rehearsal space.. But stay tuned and I promise I will get back to all of you soon as I'm ready to set a day/date/time to see what works best for those of you who inquired first! In the meantime take care and get ready to 
Light your Heart on Fire!!  

 ~ Asraiya

FUNDAMENTALS OF FIRE DANCING consists of an introduction to the various props and basic skills commonly used in fire play! Class starts off with Stretching & Yoga, moves into Space/Body Awareness using Sacred Geometry plus Improvisation, as well as Choreographed Dance designed for the use of static tools (palm torches/fingers/fans), then goes into beginner Poi technique, and last but not least hands on Fire Safety experience which is required (x2) in order to graduate become "certified" which means that you are eligible to be listed on the Heartsinspyre open flame permit issued by the Seattle Fire Marshal. This option is available to all returning Intermediate-Advanced level students.

SAFETY ~ comes 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in the list of priorities for class. Safety training is the most essential part of the experience required to be self aware as you dance with the fire element. It's not a promise but a privilege that must be earned with respect and diligence!

TAUGHT BY ~ Asraiya On Fire
Asraiya began her career in the circus arts in 1997 when she ran away and joined the The Ever-Changing Festival of Now, a modern alternative circus group based out of Evergreen State College in Olympia. It was there she found precisely what her theater degree was missing ~ a clown face, torches, stilts, and a method of creating new works of art organically. Later she was one of the founding members of MagmaVOX, toured with the Freedom Tribe, became a secret member of the Moorish Orthodox Fire Shrine, was tragically inspired in the Mystic Family Circus, gained a sense of transformation through PURE Cirkus, and how to monkey around with the Petting Zoo Players. Most recently she spent a year with Spinergy Arts, as well as the sci fi punk circus Super Geek League. She played the Demoness in Aeterno Elementum produced by the operatic heavy metal band Ara'Kus and is in the process of writing her own play to be staged on Summer Solstice 2012.