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Beacon Hill Birthday Party Gig

Omg, I feel so blessed! I was hired to do spin fire tonight by Mimi Savanough for her husband's birthday party. They said they're "burners" (people who go to Burning Man) but aren't able to go this year so she thought she'd order up a little piece of the playa art ambiance to him for the rest of her family to understand and appreciate (large, Asian, and adorable). The party was at her parents house on Beacon Hill and it was soo windy I was afraid there wasn't much I could really do! I only brought my regular staff and poi since those are props I can keep moving consistently and never have to hold still in which case I have to pay close attention to which way the wind is blowing which can force me to have turn my back towards the audience or at least limit the directions I need to face to not catch my clothes on fire or singe my hair. I had hoped the wind would die down by time we got there or the area where I was to perform would be wind blocked by the house or a fence but no such luck.. it was gusty and cold! I decided to poi first in order to warm myself up. THEY LOVED IT! Everyone was clapping and snapping and dancing around me while I was spinning and it was fantastic :) Often I worry that people are going to be in a sit down theater kind of mode and expect me to just entertain them.. this is fine at a formal engagement where I've been booked at least 2 or 3 weeks out and have had time to select a musical accompaniment to choreograph according to the mood of the celebration or function and there's a quality amplified sound system playing it loud enough to drown all distractions out. But this gig was booked less than a week ago and there was just a tiny boombox playing radio top 40 dance hits (I guess) that I had never heard before.. but the energy was EPIC. A little while later as soon as I lit my staff the wind suddenly stopped and the clouds parted around the moon and I looked up at it and said a prayer:

"Holy Spirit ~ Thank you, for I am blessed and no matter how frustrated I get or hard it is, I love my life and the choices that got me to here. Right now. Getting paid to do and share what I love most in the world. All my relations. Aho."

~ Asraiya