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Selfies on Stilts with Farm Animals

On Saturday, June 22, the Summer Solstice, Ashley Ataxia and I (Asraiya On Fire) went out to Black Diamond for the Concentrates Cup where we were hired as mimes to wonder around and entertain the crowd an hour or two. Unfortunately, in order to be true to character, we didn't capture any photos of each other while amongst the vendors and guests or by the stage, at least not with a real camera (mimed pics don't work on the internet, only video..) but when we stopped along the back fence for me to have a sit on the fence post.. the artist in me couldn't resist a selfie sess with the farm animals. Considering I was staring directly into the sun and couldn't see a thing on my screen they turned out pretty good!



Pot belly pig!

Shadow self with pig!

My lovely assistant and I..

One for the road.

It was a lovely day of gigs and we thank Keira and the Concentrates Cup for having us as well as Beth who had us out afterwards to spin fire on the beach at sunset at her beautiful home in West Seattle to celebrate Solstice and their wedding anniversary!! I couldn't imagine a more perfect way to celebrate the beginning of Summer and we look forward to many more gig days like this! 

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