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Seattle fire dancing circus art professionals available for festivals and events!


Budget considerations for hiring a fire performer

When you want to hire a fire dancer last minute to do a show on a holiday or for a more exciting birthday party you're not paying for just 15 min* of their time spent in performance, you are paying for HOURS TURNED INTO YEARS OF PRACTICE, PASSION, AND DEDICATION! 

photo by Scott Butner

Not to mention the danger/risk factor, life insurance, health insurance, props, safety equipment, fuel, costumes, travel time of x2 people (mandatory min), plus rehearsal time/space rent, home/office space rent, internet, phone bill, business license, permits, advertising, website, social media time/maintenance, promotional expenses (video/photography), music purchases, legal expenses, ETC. 

copyright CE 2015 

*please adjust your "budget" accordingly and expect to be quoted a price based on current market rates adjusted to the current cost of living & operating a small business that is providing a professional service same as any other trade like a plumber or electrician, not a 14 yo babysitter.