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WA State will not enforce extreme "Burn Ban" this Summer

We're EMPHATICALLY pleased that House Bill 2310 did not pass described as relating to "fire prevention & public safety" due to the terrible forest fire season our state had last summer. However instead of just banning the purchase, possession, and use of any consumer fireworks between June through September, it banned "all outdoor burning" that is not for the sole purpose of sustaining life meaning if you go camping you better bring your trail mix because you're not cooking a hot dog without a microwave. Luckily, and we agree, cooking hot dogs over a fire is a fundamentally spiritual principle of being an American! That statue of liberty doesn't carry a microwave & a bible... actually neither. Regardless it is still our duty to learn & educate others to do it safely because we either don't want the government to take our money or we don't think they do a good enough job to get paid a living wage and either way we know there will be hell to pay if SOMEONE doesn't put the fire out and it gets more and more expensive and dangerous the bigger it gets so... Chop chop, let's get to work! :P

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