Heartsinspyre Entertainment

Seattle fire dancing circus art professionals available for festivals and events!


3rd annual Seattle FLOW Showcase

Heartsinspyre Entertainment is gearing up for The 3rd annual Seattle FLOW Showcase that will be held on June 8th at Substation in Ballard! We are looking for participants and sponsors at this time including DJ's & Vendors. Contact us or fill out the "sign up now" form available at the top of the SeattleFLOWcase Facebook page. Looking forward to meeting new people and bonding with other community members for this OPEN TO EVERYONE participatory event. ~Namaste.


Go forth and set the world on fire!

Our performance for Seattle University's 125th Anniversary Gala @ Westin

Note: This is only the medium frame & close up footage is included in this edit and not the full body shots taken from the back of the ballroom.. this is basically the same thing that was projected onto led screens for people sitting too far away to see our faces...

Torisha, Asraiya, and Paul on fire safety