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Seattle fire dancing circus art professionals available for festivals and events!


So you want to be a Fire Performer in Seattle!?

Required for legal Seattle Fire Shows:

1.) Certificate of General Liability insurance min of $1 million per incident ~ $280
 (note: I would suggest the $3 million policy at $375 but that's not technically a requirement..)

2.) City of Seattle Open Flame Effects Permit ~  $579 annual or $220 per event application sent with payment 10 days prior to event after liability insurance has been verified

3.) Equipment named permit event form (included in the application links):
Required: At least two pressurized water, Class 2-A extinguishers and two Class 10-BC extinguishers shall be provided, in addition to those required by SFC 906 for the building placed so that at least one each is located on opposing sides of the performance where flame effects are used.
         a.) 2 x  Water charged extinguisher ~ $143.50 = $287
b.) 2 x 10-BC extinguisher ~ dry chem roughly $50 (note: if you discharge one of these indoors the show is instantly OVER because it will clear the room of people cuz it's nasty.. wet chem would be preferred but they cost more at $117 and up and this quote does not include the periodic testing/pressure tag requirements) = $100

TOTAL  =  $1,246