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THE REAL CIRCUS ~ Cecil B. DeMille 1952

If anyone dares to dream of being a circus artist or talks of marks, kayfabe, and claims to be in the know of "the business" or circles, squares, walls, screens, or ropes, and tops: 


Do your homework, kiddies! Unless you've built Black Rock City, tore it down, moved it 100 miles, and then rebuilt it, you don't know shit about the business. One thing that it's not though is an empire of control and authority. A worker knows when to nudge and get out of the way and let the Magic Flow!! Anything short of not encouraging and enhancing the talent and potential of those surrounding you is PURE EVIL. Also, just plain stupid masochistic to generate or tolerate for $40 or 50 bucks a week... The only understanding I have of "locker room politics" is this:

1.) Be hyper vigilant to always keep your distance from it.

2.) If and when it pulls somebody under, it is precisely like a tumultuous class 5 storm tide grating and grinding you bare backed onto coral or fresh lava rock... shreds you to pieces emotionally and at the hand of your most trusted friends and family. I don't know why and I don't think I want to know either. I'll just keep wincing and keeping my fucking distance, boys. I'm not here to punish myself for being an amazing talented person. I'm here on this planet to be a positive mental attitude and light for what's good and right in the world. Supervillians treat heros better than brothers in that locker room I've been banned from. Real talk. #321battle #bulletclub4life

Ya'll ain't pageant moms nor booster club nor in a fraternity or even trade union. It's a hobby so why does it matter so much that everyone gets hurt or annihilated no kayfabe? Is it a secret reality show like survivor where someone gets a million dollars at the end??? I wouldn't ever go on that show because I'd be doomed to nice person 2nd or 3rd place and hate people more than hope people will someday level up. The next dimension up from 3D is a group effort see because you nor I nor us have control of time (never did actually, it's an illusion) you guys will blow up there because NOTHING WORKS CORRECTLY IF YOU WON'T RELINQUISH CONTROL. Why own all the bagels in the whole entire world plus the right to produce them future and past if everyone has starved to death while you play with bagels like GI Joe dolls??? Congratulations of being the star of a comic book that will never actually exist outside of your head and no one wants to read it because it's mean and hurtful and didn't add up to anything more than sad glory days when all is said and done like a high school football game or debate team win. Does anyone remember who called the play or what the subject of a debate tournament was? I don't need to be granted a handmidown trophy or belt for a min if I perform like a prancing trained poodle for 2 years first then insulted for having a fun time one night and ostracized. No, I don't understand a single fucking thing about how locker room politics works admittedly. I sure as hell was not given a heads up nor a tutorial to prepare for my single whole hearted attempt to peer into the abyss! I hope as long as I live if it's not a cause for war to defend something real and good in the world, I hope I never will understand how it works because from here it looks way more like crackho addiction than any substance I've come across. Is this steroid residue? Don't know, don't care. Somethings die at 23. After 33 years on this earth though you have a responsibility called karma that you can no longer pretend is fake astrology. That fact alone is enough to torment a soul for eternity. Cuddle your friends, wrestle their demons so you won't have too many if you want to survive on island milky way deserted cloud no man's land.

 ~ Sister Abigail