Heartsinspyre Entertainment

Seattle fire dancing circus art professionals available for festivals and events!


SHITSHOW this Sunday!

Josh Black aka Ronald McRondle, his cousin Crackwhore Wendy aka Asraiya Deyo, her illegitimate birth mom Jackie Hell, and I'm not sure where Maggie McMuffin came from but have to say she does seem really familiar but I'm weird so whatever... Suck it!

All this hot clown on clown carnival cornucopia crap will go down this Sunday night at the Baltic Room for Resurrection the aptly named regular goth night that was reborn from Noc Noc by the lovely bartending host, Seattle Rita and her co-bar go go girls: Alycia, Alissa, Ambyr, and Brittany and maybe missing one more oops... clown kisses!! 👌👄💙💫💀

21+ bargain for $5