Heartsinspyre Entertainment

Seattle fire dancing circus art professionals available for festivals and events!


Light your Heart on Fire with Heartsinspyre Entertainment! We are a diverse collective of well trained professional CIRCUS performing artists & fire dancers who not only possess the natural talent and enthusiasm to pursue this passion as a life long commitment but also have the intelligence & experience to be a legal legitimate operation in the state of Wa. with a business license, Fire Marshal's 'Open Flame Effects' permit, and insurance. Fire performance is not a hobby nor a trick, folks! It's real and it's DANGEROUS so take care to hire the best. 



Asraiya On Fire

 Born Heather Deyo, Asraiya became engrossed in circus after attending  college for an associates of art degree in Drama. She seeked a more physical and artistically creative opportunities to explore as she felt traditional acting for stage was lacking. Theatre had become stagnant or stifling perhaps not being allowed any sort of variation from a script as interpreted by a director with not much room left to be an artist interpreting, much less tell a new story, dream of new means. Plus it seemed to her the world was entering uncharted territory spiritually, collectively, and she felt this new stage of evolution should be reflected in the performances she puts out. So in '96 Asraiya quit her job at Starbucks and ran away to join the alternative modern circus group called The Ever-Changing Festival of Now in Olympia, Wa. It was there she found her clown face, was handed a torch by a fire goddess, and learned to walk around with her feet more than 2' above the ground. Since then she's also worked with the Fire Conclave, Mystic Family Circus, PURE Cirkus, the Petting Zoo Players, Spinergy Arts, Super Geek League, played the Demoness in 'Aeterno Elementum', stage managed 'Gods of the Night' for The Cabiri, and founded Heartsinspyre Entertainment. Her sole motivation in life is to inspire the human race to see a little beyond the standard perception by fully embracing freedom, exhibiting a conscience understanding of the universal consistency of the human condition, all as expressions of peace, love, and the will to follow a dream...

 Asraiya has been a professional Fire Performer for almost 20 years! Available in the greater Seattle area or elsewhere if traveling expenses are provided, for solo or choreographed group performances 5-20 min long spinning poi, staff, or double staff, or dancing with fans, fingers, palm or eating torches and/or combinations of tools listed and offering a wide variety of costumes and styles specifically selected to suite any festivity or special occasion. Also available for hire as a stilt-walker and/or costumed character by the hour. Please contact for information & rates to plan an appearance at your next event! 

 Artistic, captivating, and magical, Asraiya takes entertainment above and beyond to deliver innovatively unique performances and appearances. She pours every bit of her heart and soul into each and every set powerfully leaving audiences inspired and imaginative. Like Asraiya on Facebook

Alycia Verena Reagan

Seattle literally royal goth princess, Panzer Girl, and mistress of the magical fire levitation wand... 

Patrick McNiece

poi boy genius with the kindest soul you've ever met and juggling chef...

Chryseph Honeybear

of the Down Temple

Raqs Nocturna

Raqs Nocturna is Ly Grover , Beverly Smith, and Juliet Dance and they are a belly dance troupe that does their own thing in addition to working with us as much as they can because we LOVE them! Above is them performing with us at this past year's Seacompression.

Lyrik Allure

Classically trained dancer, Lyrik performs burlesque, pole dancing, aerial hoop and is also a model and fire safety technician.

Just Sage

 Magician, Stilt walker, clown, and mummer

Sarah Bellum


Alecia Joy

Tatianna Zichella