Heartsinspyre Entertainment

Seattle fire dancing circus art professionals available for festivals and events!


Responds quickly to client requests
Looking to book a fire performer for your party or event? We'd love more info! Will it take place outdoors or indoors? What approx. is the dimensions of the space you can provide for it? How long do you expect the performance to be? What most people don't realize or think about prior to sending booking requests is that our torches or tools only last between 2-8 mins before burning out and then we need to stop, let wicks cool, and then refuel so it's impossible for only 1 performer to do a constant/consistent half hour to hour long show without taking a 5-6 min break in between lighting up & spinning. Also, it's hot!! If you push a performer to provide you with 5-6 sets or as close to constant as they can get within an hour, they might pass out on you because this is equivalent to doing pilates or zumba in a sauna or hot sweat box yoga studio! They may be fit enough for it but it may not be attractive. What I suggest is either allow the performer to cool off and strictly provide more leisurely periodic ambient performance for the duration of an hour (approx. 3 sets), or if you want a really high energy 20-30 min solid show (4-6 sets or for periods lasting more than one hour) hire more than one fire dancer so they can take turns! The more performers you hire the more of a variety of props, personality, and talent  you get as well. There are very few fire dancers like myself who work with more than one or two props (poi, staff, fans etc). I just so happen to have been doing it for over 15 years and keep adding more though some come more natural than others... 


  $300 solo Performing Artist approx. 12-20 min.
accompanied by a trained Fire Safety technician*

+ $225 each additional Performer

+ $75 each additional Safety tech
(required whenever there's going to be more than 3 performers ignited at the same time)

DETAILS: These are laid back casual BBQ's, picnic fundraisers, and events that are small in attendance expecting 50 people or less. This includes being hired to perform with a band, musician, or DJ accompaniment or we provide our own song selections with or without our own small portable speaker system at a small private event or fundraiser or low volume bar/club/hall with less than $12 cover. 


  $450 solo Performing Artist 
w/ Safety Technician*

+ $300 Each Additional Performer

+ $100 Each Additional Safety Tech(required whenever there's going to be more than 3 lit fire performers on stage at one time)

DETAILS: If there's going to be a caterer you will likely fall under this category here unless your caterer is your cousin and they're using your backyard grill for just a small rehearsal dinner to save money for the real one.. If you are selling tickets for $12.50 or more OR are expecting an attendance of more than 50 guests. We are in fact professionals, can and will deliver a high caliber of performance for these events and expect to be fairly compensated for the amount of time spent in preparation prior to our arrival in training, rehearsal, crafting, and for our equipment, costumes, and fuel. We only offer a casual discounted rate for casual affairs so that they are affordable for lower budgets but we as artists prefer being inspired to deliver the full package for our gigs. We will provide a choreographed, act designed to meet your specific tastes and fitting of the theme or occasion. We will require a green room (secure backstage changing area typically with a mirror or bathroom) and other technical equipment provided including security and/or perimeter delineation as fire permits often state as requirement for crowd safety.


Note: The presence of a Safety Technician is an ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT IN ALL SITUATIONS WHERE FIRE IS USED IN PERFORMANCE OR PRACTICE!! It is also a stipulation of our permit and grounds for rights to use our permit to be terminated. Permit expenses range upwards of $500 per year so this is calculated into rates and personal requirements. Booking a fire show requires a minimum of 2 people to be in attendance without any exceptions. This is why our minimum rate is $250 firm so please take this into consideration.


We also offer Mummery Services for the classic circus "midway" scenario. Mummery is defined as any kind of wandering interactive or ambient eye candy entertainment. These are typically actors or skilled performing artists playing characters in costumes such as a Stilt-Walker, Magician, Clown, Mime, Acrobat, Belly Dancer, Juggler, LED twirler, costumed Character, or Fortune Teller.


$150 per hr. per performer ~
2 hour min/ 4 hour max preferred. 

Note: Performers are allowed a 20 min break every 2 hours if needed. Some costumes must be completely removed before visiting the lavatory and thus takes awhile.

*Note: Additional charges may be added to cover travel time and transportation expenses and will be included in any contract agreement. An advanced deposit of about 20% of the total booking fee may be required for a gig to be considered as confirmed. Payment of a deposit will reserve the calendar date/time you requested, otherwise we reserve the right to continue accepting requests for other bookings and may cancel even if a commitment has been expressed and a contract sent. Once a contract is returned signed and all funds for the deposit have cleared then the contract goes into effect and the gig is confirmed. Gigs requiring extensive travel and overnight stay will require 50% in advanced.